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Shelly Mogul

Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction

Shelly Mogul

(207) 375-4273 x3


RSU 4 strives to create and maintain our curriculum that is:

  • Collaboratively designed,

  • Standards-referenced,

  • Coordinated and connected across grade levels and content areas,

  • Informed by research, student learning data, and future trends,

  • Focused on high expectations for student learning and is mindful of individual student learning needs and pathways,

  • Regularly developed, amended, and improved,

  • Aligned with assessments and quality instruction, and

  • A guide for parents, students, community members, and teachers.

Please note: Curriculum Maps are being reviewed at each grade level during the SY23-24 school year. As they are updated, they will be posted here. To access previous curriculum maps, see the folder or PowerSchool standards on your child's progress report.


RSU 4 strives for instruction that provides:

  • A purposeful learning intention that is known to students,

  • Productive struggle and engagement for students, and

  • Alignment to standards and transfers to student learning.

Guiding Principles ~ General Information

Habits of Work Rubric

Grading System Information

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Current School Year Schoolwide Goals

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

ESSA Information Page (Title I Instruction)

Gifted & Talented Program

RSU 4 collects and screens several pieces of data during the gifted and talented screening process, including teacher, parent, and student referrals, NWEA results, and CogAT results. Additional data collected may include, but is not limited to other standardized assessments, screening checklists, classroom observation, interviews, and work samples.

General Information

RSU #4 GT Plan ~ Academic & Visual & Performing Arts


Visual & Performing Arts

RSU #4 Policy ~ IHBB

Chapter 104: Educational Programs for GT Students

Chapter 311: Gifted and Talented Students

CogAT Information (GT Testing)

DOE Website for Accelerated Learners