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Welcome to the Carrie Ricker School Library

Unified Arts

P.A.L.M. Parliament 


The Unified Arts Team together creates the P.A.L.M. Parliament with

Physical Education, Art, Library and Music. Owls are often solitary like us in

our subject areas but we join together to form a parliament and create a 

dynamic team. You will have P.E. with Mr. Coan, Art with Mrs. Williams,

Library with Mrs. Maheux and Music with Mr. Johnston. We will dazzle you

with our talents, knowledge, skills and creativity!




Your school library media center’s principle role is to support the school’s curriculum and activities, enabling the students and staff to achieve the school’s educational mission. To realize this goal, the library will select, house, and maintain a collection of various types of print and non-print material.


Library Catalog

RSU4 libraries use an Online Patron Access Catalog (OPAC).  Simply put, this is a means to locate library materials (RSU wide) quickly and easily.  


Click this RSU4 OPAC to search for books from any of your school libraries.

Library Routine and Policy

Each homeroom visits the library for selecting and returning books on a specified day of the week. This 50 minute block of time is filled with varied learning activities and free time for exploring and sharing the library's media resources. The library is open all day every day and also welcomes approved small group and independent study in addition to scheduled homeroom visits. Students will receive plastic book bags the first week of school, which can be kept in the backpack to protect library books from hazards (pens, markers, food, and liquids). Carrie Ricker does not use library cards. Students are allowed check out up to 3 items. All items must be returned each week for exchange or renewal. Unpaid library fines for lost or damaged items follow students from school to school within the RSU.
Library Displays
Students, staff, and community members are encouraged to share their interests and creativity in the library.  

Search for and select library items with a connection to your display theme, add some signs, offerinteractive opportunities, or use technology.  Students  enjoy having the chance to learn about and see new things when they come to library. Sharing ideas, interests, and knowledge is exciting and motivating, so the displays always generate lots of discussion...and more displays!

Your school library media center provides:

*Opportunities to develop and sustain in children the habit and enjoyment of reading and learning, and the use of libraries throughout their lives.

*Resources that support the curriculum and address a variety of learning needs.

*Instruction in information skills and strategies that students need in order to learn and achieve.

*Professional collaborative partnerships that support and enhance educational goals and make a positive impact on student achievement.

*Access to local, regional, national, and global resources. 

*Preparation for students to adapt with flexibility and versatility to changes in information delivery and retrieval.


Online Resources


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Contact:  Aimee Maheux Phone Icon 268-4136 ext 306